February 20th 2019 | Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh


24 Oct
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21 Dec
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18 Jan
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20 Feb
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Digital Leader Award

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Our main category for the evening will be awarded to a leader who has played a key role in creating the environment and culture that makes large scale digital transformation of health and care services possible. 


Digital Impact Award

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Awarded to an individual who has championed the use of digital to transform services on a local level, improving outcomes for the service users in their area.


Digital Health and Care Team Award

Awarded to a team who have developed their own digital skills and culture, successfully implementing digital projects that have changed the way services are delivered and received.

The Nominees

Aberdeen City Council & Aberdeenshire Council

Choose Life

In 2016, the Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Choose Life Steering Group identified a specific trend in relation to the use of the internet in the North East of Scotland and developed a strong digital presence through the Prevent Suicide smartphone app and supporting website.

A social media campaign, heavily supported by families affected by suicide, helped draw attention to the app, which has been used more than 25,000 times since its launch in March 2016.  Vital information regarding services and support is accessible and the area saw the largest reduction in suicides in Scotland when data was released in 2017.

Loretto Care

TEC and Innovation Programme

Our initiative supports independence by enabling people to be safe and well at home for longer, the place they have stated they wish to be, closer to family, friends and community. This is achieved by making better use of existing resources and promoting self-management through users self-serving information from digital kiosks throughout Glasgow which are updated locally to provide better information around services and activities available to mainly older people in their community. This is part of the current challenge of maintaining high quality co-produced services whilst supporting greater efficiency and use of resources to support older people to live at home for longer. 


Launched in 2015, Quarriers Digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Service offers people who use Quarriers services flexible support options in the comfort of their own home through using a touchscreen tablet called a home hub.

The TEC pilot is funded through the Scottish Government (SCTT), whose National Telehealth and Telecare Delivery Plan sets challenging targets for the expansion of Technology Enabled Care. TEC is currently being rolled out across Quarriers Village in Inverclyde, North, East and South Ayrshire.

Accessing Mental Health Care Award

This award will celebrate an individual or organisation who use innovative approaches to support people with mental health problems, improving access to services and reducing barriers through approaches including online resources, social media and mobile apps.

The Nominees

NHS Grampian

Amputee Rehabilitation Team 

Using mobile technology to improve the discharge planning process for an amputee population

iPads fitted with secure video conference are used whenever feasible during discharge planning in an acute amputee population to provide a live link up   

  1. between patient in hospital and social work therapist in patients’ home and
  2. during multiprofessional handover to community hospital to discuss future rehabilitation needs.

This project found that using mobile technology to link staff and patients was:

  • Feasible, acceptable, effective and efficient
  • Meaningfully to patients who valued being involved fully in the decision making process
  • Minimally disruptive to patients in hospital
  • Potentially a way to minimise length of stay

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Children’s Online Ordering Project

Families can order children’s medical supplies 24/7 on a variety of mobile devices. Equipment is delivered direct to the home within 24 – 48 hours. Previously 3 weeks waiting time and collection from a Health Centre.

If orders are outwith agreed parameters and not typing error; referring clinician is contacted and calls parent to assess if condition has changed ensuring early intervention, advice and treatment offered timeously if required. A high quality effective service, improving services for families and children with complex needs.

The model has been welcomed by service users and is now being rolled out to further groups of patients. 

Health and Social Care, North Lanarkshire

Making Life Easier

Making Life Easier is a web based platform, introduced in 2009 to the population of North Lanarkshire. Initially, the service allowed individuals living in the area to complete an assessment and be matched to a variety of equipment and resources. 

Over the last three years Making Life Easier has been developed hugely to provide a unique and easy to use resource providing the people living in North Lanarkshire early intervention and prevention in a large variety of areas but also targeted solutions to services if required. 

This innovative digital solution has given individuals the choice of taking control of their own health and well being. The system is accessible 24 hours a day; it is easy to use and encourages engagement of individuals across North Lanarkshire. 


NHS Western Isles

Western Isles TEC Team 

People in the Western Isles have had difficulty accessing hospital-centred care because of difficult travel between and within the islands.  Our team combined its diverse strengths to devolve consultant-led telehealth to community hospitals throughout the islands and to patients’ homes using accessible software and remote diagnostics.  This is especially effective for urgent referrals, with convenient and rapid assessment reducing anxiety.

Not only is patient feedback excellent;  significant travel cost and time savings can be reinvested into patient care. Our experience has inspired transformation of other services, such as rheumatology and smoking cessation and reduced pressure on primary care.

Innovative Remote and Rural Services Award

Providing health and care services in remote and rural areas is challenging, without detailed planning and management there is potential to create inequalities in access.

Innovative digital solutions are bridging the gap and ensuring access to the highest quality health and care services, this award will recognise the work of teams / individuals who have embraced technology to overcome the challenges and provide a consistent, high-level of care.

The Nominees

NHS 24

Governments Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Programme. A key deliverable of the TEC Programme was to develop a national data monitoring repository/information system that supports the use of data as part of local service planning and routine care management. It is recognised the value of having the ability to measure how changes convert into real improvement on an individual and service level basis and crucially, how these measurements translate to evidence benefits and outcomes. 

To support this ambition the Scottish Centre for Telehealth & Telecare have taken a leadership role in developing a national data Telecare strategy collaborating with ISD, Health & Social Care Benchmarking Network Deloitte, Strathclyde University and Scottish Housing Network with the specific aim of supporting local Telecare teams to consider how they routinely collect and use data to demonstrate change and improvement.  Collecting and measuring robust data is the first step on a journey to understanding and using data more proactively to enhance citizen and service improvements.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Parkinson’s Dashboard

The Greater Glasgow and Clyde Parkinson’s hospital warning system or “Dashboard” was developed by Parkinson’s Specialist Dr A-L Cunnington in conjunction with eHealth experts to alert all Parkinson’s teams of the admission of their patients with Parkinson’s Disease. This serious condition, affecting about one adult in every 375, is managed with the regular administration of medication. The 2015 National audit revealed that less than 50% of inpatients with Parkinson’s always got their medicine as prescribed. The dashboard allows the Parkinson’s specialists to proactively contact wards to advise and educate, and is anticipated to lead to reduced lengths of stay. 

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

SCS Quality Improvement Team

Tackling Health Inequalities through Neighbourhood Profiling of SCS data. The NHSGGC Specialist Children’s Services (SCS) Quality Improvement Team used NHS data to generate neighbourhood profiles. A neighbourhood profile maps data at a very local level, and demonstrates need and demand within areas. 

Neighbourhood Profiles are being used to highlight population based trends, as well as supporting comparisons locally and relative to board wide benchmarks. This means managers can plan how resources are used in specific areas and also serves to highlight local inequalities.

As a result of this innovative data analysis, locally developed service improvement action plans have been designed by clinical teams and service managers. This has allowed clinicians to supplement neighbourhood profile data with their local knowledge, such as availability of resources, service issues and geographical issues. The plans are designed to reduce health inequalities by improving access to and the quality of services where issues have arisen at neighbourhood level that may have previously been missed in broader service wide data analysis.

Data modelling at this level of granularity and on this scale has not been used before in Children’s Services in Scotland, and is beginning to provide some fascinating results.

Unscheduled Care Award

Every second counts in unscheduled care and Health Boards across Scotland are working hard to ensure their patients are seen, treated, admitted or discharged as fast as possible. This award will recognise a department that is using innovative approaches to deliver the highest quality of unscheduled care whilst meeting the 4-hour target.

The Nominees

Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus MCN, NHS Tayside

Tayside Condom Initiative​

Across Tayside there are 205 condom distribution points - Young people told us they didn't know where to find free condoms. 
In 2016 the Tayside Condom Initiative (NHS Tayside) and Zudu, embarked on a ground breaking project with NHS Tayside to build Scotland’s first ever Free Condom Finder app, aimed at young people aged 13 to 24 years old. This innovative mobile app project utilized gamification, smart analytics and cryptography in order to achieve one clear goal; To educate young people about sex and foster safe, consensual relationships whilst safeguarding their sexual health by providing access to free condoms and support.


NHS Western Isles and Cambric Systems Ltd

Morse – Data on the Move, NHSWI eHealth Team

Our eHealth team and clinicians have been working in collaboration with Cambric Systems to provide a mobile application that will give the most recent and historical patient information to the user with or without an internet connection, improving patient safety where it is most needed, at the point of care.  Patient information can be updated offline and automatically pushed back to the 3rd party systems when a secure internet connection is established.  Team collaboration is at the heart of Morse. Flexible task scheduling and a secure direct-messaging service ensure that each and every team member has the latest caseload information at their fingertips.

University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian

Scale-Up BP Team

In Scotland 1.2 million people attend their practice annually for blood pressure (BP) checks. We know that BP checks at home are more predictive of stroke and heart-attack. Telemonitoring is effective in large trials but difficult to scale because data is usually held on third-party servers which are troublesome for clinicians to access.  Scale-Up BP combines telemonitoring with a novel method, devised by NHS Lothian IT, of summarising third-party data and integrating it within the GP data handling service Docman. Over 40 practices and 1400 patients are participating with dramatic improvements in BP control over the course of a year.

Independent Living Award

Supporting people to live more independently and to manage their own care at home is a key focus of the Digital Health and Care Strategy.

Innovative technology is vital to supporting and enabling individuals to engage more with their care journey, this award celebrates the driving force behind the successful projects, the individuals and teams from across health, care, housing and the third sector who are embracing technology and changing the culture to move to this new way of working, supporting people to live more independently.

The Nominees


Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  

Depression and anxiety are two of the biggest public health challenges in Scotland. Traditional approaches to treatment cannot meet the increasing demand for services with costs becoming unsustainable and wide reaching economic impact being felt in the health and care system and beyond.

cCBT is a large scale, high capacity technological solution for the treatment of depression and anxiety.  A programme of work has been progressing to rollout cCBT across all areas of Scotland.  

cCBT helps to deliver a range of strategic priorities. Supporting delivery of the national Mental Health strategy, providing an excellent example of NHS 24's contribution to the expansion of digital health and care services across Scotland.


NHS 24

NHS inform

The re-development of NHS inform embraced the very nature of successful project delivery, with the benefits witnessed long after the website went live.  Monthly visits increased from 40,000 to nearly 1,000,000 and the site is being used as a positive example of a "once for Scotland" solution which supports wider NHS boards shift the balance of care across acute and primary settings.

It has also allowed significant resource savings to be realised across other components of the NHS by migrating stand-alone websites, and providing a single point of digital contact for those looking for health and care information in Scotland.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

The vision for NHSGG&C Children’s services was to provide children with, safe, effective care delivered through the implementation of bespoke technology.

The project aimed to put the child at the centre of decision making, facilitating ground breaking levels of information sharing and digitalisation. The transformational programme has successfully brought about improvements in efficiency and effectiveness through enabling over 1000 clinicians to instantly update records while in patient’s homes and to provide parents with updates in real time. An outcome of the project has been the ability to use analytics to support improvements in service planning and has reduced waiting times.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

By incorporating good project management methodology, with extensive in-house application/service knowledge, eHealth within Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS have introduced an Electronic Handover using their existing Hospital system.

We have implemented a new paperless workflow to handle weekend handover in our large Acute sites on time and with no budget allocated.

This solution delegates patient care to a suitable individual.  It ensures continuity of care and patient safety and provides a robust handover of patients between colleagues, maintaining a high standard of care. The Electronic Handover has made an impressive and positive contribution to this complex process, exceeding project objectives.


Technology and Data in Action Award

Having access to real-time data and information from health and care records is vital to supporting health and care providers to improve outcomes. How is this information being made available to those who need it, when they need it, wherever they are, in a secure and safe way?

This award will recognise an organisation who has successfully managed to provide high quality, real time care information at the point of contact.

The Nominees

West of Scotland Health Boards

West of Scotland Regional Information Sharing Project Team

The West of Scotland Regional Information Sharing project joined up the clinical portal systems across 5 participating Health Boards (NHSGGC, NHS Lanarkshire, NHS GJNH, NHS A&A, NHS D&G) to share patient information across a 2.2 million population area.  A review established that around one in ten care episodes across the region involved patients who were being treated outside their home Health Board.  The project started in 2015 and was completed by July 2017.  Clinicians can now access test results and other clinical documents via a link within their clinical portal. The project exemplified clinical and eHealth leadership underpinned by effective collaborative working by local implementation leads focused on a common goal of delivering transformational change. 

NHS Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire Telehealth Team

Lanarkshire’s Telehealth Team has introduced and scaled up a range of innovations under the umbrella of Technology Enabled Care.  They have developed considerable expertise in a range of innovations that are radically shifting the way that people access services and creating an organisational memory that maximises the efficiency of Lanarkshire’s digital solutions.  Amongst the benefits being realised are improved levels of long-term condition self-management, staff and service users not using their valuable time travelling to clinics/meetings/training venues, and residents in care homes linking together to reduce isolation.

NHS National Services Scotland

The Local Intelligence Support Team (LIST) have spearheaded a new way of working locally across boundaries with a broad range of public and third sector partners to deliver actionable intelligence in order to drive improved health and well being outcomes.  The team combines their specialist analytical and information skills with the knowledge of local staff. This joint working improves local capability and capacity, to help unlock the power of data. LIST provide the best evidence on which local health and social care decisions are made. This helps the people of Scotland get the best possible services, using NHS and local authority resources in the most efficient way. 

Empowering Children and Young People Award

This award will recognise individuals and teams who are using digital to engage and support children and young people to improve their health and wellbeing, empowering them by improving access to self-support resources and services to make positive decisions about their health and wellbeing.

Industry Collaboration Award

Effective collaboration between innovative private sector vendors and the public sector is key to achieving wide scale transformation of health and care services. Developing a partnership that delivers positive outcomes for the public isn’t straight forward, it’s not quick and definitely not easy.

This award will recognise a private sector supplier who has collaborated effectively with their client to deliver a successful innovative digital transformation project.