February 20th 2019 | The Sheraton Hotel, Edinburgh


18 Oct
' Nominations Open '
22 Dec
' Nominations Close *now extended* '
18 Jan
' Shortlist Announced '
20 Feb
' Awards Ceremony '


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Our main category for the evening will be awarded to a leader who has played a long term key role in creating the conditions and culture required to deliver health and social care services digitally on a national level.


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Awarded to an individual who has led the transition to digital service delivery with excellent results and impact on services.

This category is not open for nominations. 

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Awarded to the most innovative use of technology in delivering health and social care services. The shortlisted nominees for this category will represent those projects, solutions and products using digital technology to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Nominations should demonstrate:

  • How the project/solution has introduced new or leading edge technology, created different ways of working or a shift in approach that benefits service users
  • Measurable success – has the project/solution been deployed and what impact has it had on improving the organisation or services
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In the face of increasing demand from the public for more accessible, 24 hour services which meet their needs and an ever increasing constraint on budgets, the pressure has never been greater for ICT professionals to develop innovative solutions for citizen engagement. The shortlisted nominees for the Patient Centred Care Award will showcase a range of projects and solutions which use innovative digital solutions to engage with service users and create effective patient centred services.

Nominations should include:

  • How the project/service has improved the user experience
  • Benefits to the organisation in terms of obstacles/issues it helps overcome, e.g. quicker information for patients, tackling issues of geography, efficiencies, etc.
  • How the product/service improves the organisations general level of engagement with the service user
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The Data Insight Award will showcase the most effective use of data and analytics to inform patient service design and delivery. This award is also open to projects where data and analytics have been used effectively to support and drive preventative health and social care initiatives.

Nominees in this category will demonstrate:

  • Innovative use of data management and associated analytics to tackle an identified health and/or social care related issue/organisational challenge
  • Effective use of data management and associated analytics to inform service design and/or delivery
  • Benefits – what will be the real measurable benefits to either the organisation or services users, e.g. projected cost savings, reduction in patient waiting times, increased life expectancy, etc.
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From paramedics in the field to social services and home care, health and social care workers are constantly on the move and technology is continually evolving to ensure that being mobile doesn’t mean being disconnected. The Mobile Health Award will recognise an organisation which has embraced the potential of mobile technology to deliver more effective services.

This award will also recognise where the adoption of mobile technology has been used to offer service users more flexibility and freedom in how and where they access health services. From the effective use of tele-health and care solutions to wearable devices that share patient data with health professionals.

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When a new technology project goes wrong, everyone knows about it. This award will recognise the many examples of large and complex digital projects being successfully developed and delivered each year across the health and social care sector. The Project Delivery Award will go to a project manager or project team that can demonstrate best practice in the successful delivery of digital project and nominations should demonstrate:

  • Did the project deliverables match or exceed initial objectives
  • Was the project completed to original timescale and budget
  • What external/internal obstacles were overcome to meet project objectives
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Technology and digital services underpin the work of Scotland’s health and social care bodies as never before and the vital role performed by ICT departments and project teams across the country is key. Nominations in this category will demonstrate outstanding performance by an ICT department or team, from technology support to improving operational efficiency and driving innovation and change.

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